the Personal Development Start Right Here And Now

I welcome you to a page that is here and now. My name is Daniel Sernryd and I run the firm Silvertasz in Gothenburg. My work has a medial direction and this is what I work with.

  • CERTIFIED MEDIUM – with guidance you can get ahead in life with the help of the spirit world's advice on possible ways.I'll translate their messages to you.
  • PROGRAM LEADER– I lead courses in personal and medial/phsycic development.
  • HEALER - I will help you fill up your energy and take out the cause from which the energy shortage comes from, an energy balance, both mentally and physically.
  • SPIRITUAL MENTORSHIP - I will help you find your tools and show you how to use them. We have all the tools within us but we use them all different.
  • AUTHOR - of the book "The transition a challenge" Read more about the origin of the book> or just check out the artist» who made the cover art for the book.

Be curious and look around my pages, is there anything you do not understand please ask.»