We arrive to life as energy and leave life as energy. We live of and from the energy and everything in the fictional world (life on earth) consists of energies in one form or another. Some of us are more sensitive to our environment and can therefore call attention to the energy changes that exist in the close surroundings. These individuals may, unfortunately, in such cases be drained of their energy without understanding why. Just pay attention and listen to your intuition to understand how and why it occurs. We also know how this energy drain can be prevented in the future. The fact there are a lot of people with a persistently low level of energy in their bodies, which is not optimal for their development, health and environment.


There are individuals who are very proficient at reading and interpreting energies of their surroundings. All energy is built with the same structural content but with different masses and can therefore be traced to its origin. To read energies will in the near future be a part of our everyday medical and forensic science. The energy can never be destroyed, only transformed from its origins to its new generation. The spirit world uses the energy footprints to recognize each other at home. In this energy footprint, you can read the person's entire history as well as a vibration level (knowledge).


One day we will also in the physical world learn from each other without having to read the individual's personal file. Of course, we as individuals will still possess our privacy if we so wish. Never forget that any information obtained from the energy, always is taken from "the home" archives. This applies both to living as to solid material regardless of who is reading the energy. Some universal laws also apply to us in the physical life. Everything which is of a good nature can always be abused by us and therefore an abuse of its functionality shall always be prevented. Love is energy and we all know how love can be abused between individuals in different configurations now as then.


That our energy sensitivity has increased for us as a race in the universe, not many people know, but everyone has got it within themselves. For each day that goes by so changes also our energies and the goal will always be the same for all of us. To grow and transform yourself and your surroundings with and of LOVE. It is the cleanest energy of both the poor as well as rich or old and young, always carries within themselves.


To love is to always give of yourself, because you love it.