About Me - Daniel

Waking up inside is to realize its potential, but also to dare to live here and now to one day achieve the life-purpose, large and small.


What is right and what is wrong, it is only you who knows and can decide, but something you must always start with yourself.


As long as I do not say and do things that intentionally harms another person, as long as it is right for me but may be considered wrong by you. My soul is happy by my actions and I as a physical person feel good.


One day I decided to take my certificate as a medium and to go my own way in life. Although the road more often felt very lonely and tough.


A road that often carried me to unknown destinations and still does, but I was, and I am never alone on my journey in life as Daniel.

My principal from the spirit world was and still is always by my side and our communication has evolved with time and still does.

The result of four years of hard working communication is the book "The transition A Challenge." A transition from a completely normal life to a challenge in life on all levels. A book about the love for myself and for all life on our planet. Love is life but how many out there dare to live fully without constantly limit themselves in their relationships, their sexuality and their dreams.

Perhaps the book and my website will inspire you or will just open the door to your heart and your own TRANSITION ....

Good luck on your path in life and never forget that you are not alone.


Daniel Sernryd 2011