The transition a challenge

This is the name of my first book that took me nearly four years to write and I started it just before my second life crisis, the divorce. To live both through the emotional awakening to "the home's" touch while I physically experienced an internal roller coaster of my love life, which is a journey in itself. I realize that both of the events that took place in my life at that time,. were dependent on each other to be able to succeed individually. The book would never have been written if I had still lived with my ex wife. Not that there was something wrong with her, but to our common development has reached a crossroads in life. It was time for us to proceed in opposite directions. I can only thank her today for all she did for me and our family during our marriage and everything she still does for our son.



During long periods in my writing of the book I did not understand how I should produce a final product. I did as they told me from "the home" but my physical need for control was constantly a reminder in my mind. Patience was not always with me as I tried to force the writing with a worse temper and did not suceed writing anything. The principal from "the home" constantly reminded me that everything takes its time and soon you will see how everything falls into place. To act as a tool of "the home" is nothing new for me as I give psychic advice to clients who come to me and you can see final results immediately after completion of the assignmentWith the book, it could pass long periods when I did not understand the contents of what I wrote, not even could I make a connection to it. I have learned many new things along the way. Now it's up to your curiosity in life and your thirst for knowledge...



A conversation can be of kind words or a written book to all of us in the same peaceful undertone. The trip you do while you devote yourself to the book is your own, but the book's meaning is one for all readers, even if the readers will experience different personal "journeys". The text below is taken directly from the book and reflects the conversation between the author and his contact with "the home" which, incidentally, is his adviser / Principal in this life. So, now it's up to you to begin your journey with the book in your hand.


"Existential Council is the name of the group of souls whose task is to examine your life plans in the physical reality, regardless of whether it is the planet Earth or other planets. The Existential Council members have full access to all life in one way or another which affects the life plan for this particular soul and performing his or hers duties in consultation with them. "


"Sexuality is a gift to your souls from us at "the home" to always remind you where you are going and where you will always return to. Sure, your sexuality is also associated with fertility but it's actually just one of the truths. Sexuality is vital to your body and without it you will slowly die inside, you'll simply fading away, something that bears repeating for all eternity. "


"Love me my heart, when I stand naked before you with only your words that warms me and it is then I realize how rich I am with you my heart."

"Love can be a word, a touch or an experience. With it present it is always dependent on the action that comes from a heart. "


"The light is you and how long can you wait for someone else to light up the way you walk on?"


"Do not wait for something to happen but instead be part of that it's happening."




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