The Last Page

The Transition a Challenge

Memorable lines from the book's overall content and which I often read over and over again. Of course, there are more but it's up to you now to find your goodies in life.


"Do not wait for it to happen but be involved that it happens."  


"Love can be a word, a touch or an experience. But it is always dependent on an act that comes from a heart."  

"For something to grow on your planet, light is needed, so then it is the light that makes everything grow in your environment."


"Weep if you feel like crying, laugh if you feel like it, love if you want to be loved but forgive if you would be forgiven."


"Love me and do not be afraid of me but take care of me."


"Love me my heart, when I stand naked before you with only your words that warms me and that is when I realize how rich I am with you my heart.


"Give me love and you get a thousand times back but the lack of your love is killing us both."


"These words give birth to me and allows me to understand that wealth comes with the purest friendship and with the deepest love for each other. Our friendship is measured in love, but is experienced in word and action."


"Love me for who I am not the person you want me to be."


"The question is I can not, but I will."


"The light is you and how long can you wait for someone else to light up the way you walk on?"


"My thought is your thought which it was once supposed to be."


Good luck on your way in life.

Daniel Sernryd