The Home

A home for all of us irrespective of religion, race and social status also known as the spirit world. I choose to call it my home, then that is where I exist but are currently on the road in life as Daniel.


The physical life is an illusion that has a beginning and an end with a number of challenges in between. At home everything is forever and we have no limitations as the clean energy we are. We live in the universal love for everyone and everything while we grow on our own. That it is difficult for us to absorb during our life on earth is regrettable and very sad. We put a lot of effort and energy on a life of fear within us that we are trying to steer. A fear that is draining our zest for life and happiness, while it limits our thought and action or lack of action for some of us. A fear that because of the lack of knowledge all too often turns into a hatred for many. Imagine if all those who fear and hate would one day put all their energy to love their neighbors and themselves instead. What a wonderful world we would all wake up to.


What's the worst that can happen to you in life, is a question I often ask my fellow humans. After a moment of reflection, the answer is always a concern for what happens when we die. We get home! Is it so fearful to come home to a place where you are loved and missed? The home is the place you know best, but at least known when you are in life.


You leave the life as you arrived to it, but more wice as the soul you are. Your trip is of course supervised by the home's energies. Once in the arrivals hall, all the near and dear ones are waiting for you after your long absence. Some of them you have not lived with in this present life but all are familiar to you. The feeling inside you can not be described in words, as words are limited as a means of expression for us in life. It is only now that you are free. A freedom you have longed for during your physical stay on earth and now it has become your reality. A freedom that your soul onvly have been experienced for short periods in life when your body was asleep. You are now ready for your recaps from the past life and you are able to simultaneously see all the links.


All of these lives are connected to all of us at the same time. At home, it is only you who judge and evaluate yourself. You may at any time with your mind power move your energy to those who are still alive and who loves you. You are not away from them but always with them. You live and develop in the home school while enjoying everything around you. Why are you so afraid to come home? A home that grows with us until we one day become part of the home.