To Be A Medial Person

To be medial is something that we spirits have choosen as the election of our next life theme, and its projected income. So yes, there are many who feel called but few are chosen, or should I say "have chosen the medial path." As all of our future paths in life, the medial one is very demanding and challenging but at the same time very rewarding.
Well, how are you when you're medial?
In my way of looking at it you are blessed with all three communication tools at the same time. That is, it possesses all three tools in contact with the spirit world or its principal / counselor. These tools are the same for all of us who are currently working at "the home" that I call the spirit world. Our principal at "the home" or as most of you would say "guide", has obvious an ability for secure communications with its students on the physical location which is here on earth.
Which are the three communication tools we use?
The first is Sensation:
Being able to feel some sense of ones body and from this sense describe the meaning. After that being able to let go of the sense and then return to take in new information. To simply communicate through your senses and at the same time you are able to feel your intuition. In "the home" this is just what we spirit have as a first lesson. To communicate with our physically bound friends in different places in the universe and that in a wakeful state. We spirits in "the home" can already communicate with the physical individuals since they are in a resting state.The spirits of "the home" has no physical body to carry which makes the communication essential.
The second is the language of art:
Being able to receive pictures and read and understand its contents. Just to be in the information flow and trust your own intuition while being able to convey the message to the ambients. Over time as the physical individuals develop they also develop the ability to communicate. Soon, you can see images in your mind and you will be able to pause them to twist and turn, and enlarge or focus on specific parts of the image. You will be able to ask a question to "the home" when an image pops up to connect a certain feeling to it. This is a functional communication between two of the three tools that we have on earth in our contact with "the home".
The third is the hearing:
Being able to hear a voice that either comes from inside of you or that you hear outside-in. Some medial people have both variants which they have no control of. They just simply have to rely on the feeling. There are individuals who also also get their voices in the form of a thought that pops up.


Many medial people have difficulties to distinguishing the hearing within themself. Is it my own voice I hear, or is the communication in "the home" that I register. There are of course exercises in order to distinguish them. Hearing is always perceived as the most difficult tool in the medial world. It's when the individual has got the three tools but has not tuned them to each other as the real hard work begins. The very fine-tuning is a long and demanding process. How to juggle with one tool is no trick but to juggle with three, then it is starting to look like an art itself.
This is where the medium's experience in life comes in handy and is a great advantage in the future development of a perfect medial tool. Never forget that we are all only a tool no matter what you hear from others around you. Therefore it is important that all medial operates within "the home" when giving information to the receiver and not from his or her's own ego.
In my world, a medial person possesses all three tools and can use them in a professional way. The medial person also put his ego aside and only work within "the home". The medial person i for the moment purely a tool and is fully receptive to all information without adding or subtracting to the recipient. This sounds difficult but it is quite possible if the will is inside you.
I often hear that some people are medial but not spiritual, and I actually agree with this statement. Let me explain it to you.
A spiritual person tries to live with the gift and do so in a humble way both to herself and her surroundings. There is a saying that you practice what you learn in so far as it goes in life. A medial person is one who does not always practice what it preaches and is more often controlled first by his ego. There is no doubt at all that both people have contact with "the home", but they act out totally different. A medial person's goal in life is to become spritual with help from "the home". The spiritual person's goal is to be the clean tool for "the home" messages.
Is the medial person inferior in their contact with the home than spiritual person?
It doesn't have to be so but "the home" expects the medial person to develop and become a spiritual tool. But as with everything on earth, there is exceptiona and "the home" can turn off the link until a change has occurred. That person must then start all over in getting contact with "the home", this is the price you'll pay for your personal development. The personal development will influence the spiritual and never vice versa, and it applies to us all.
If you will you can, if you can you will.

Med tillstånd av Ortho Gravyr AB